These one-of-a-kind Rustic Wood Pendants are hand crafted from naturally fallen Arbutus branches on the West Coast of Canada, in British Columbia. The Arbutus, or Pacific Madrone, is a tree unique to the Pacific North West, defining the West Coast with its stunning and rugged beauty.  The wood is hard, durable and ages well, the colour becoming richer the more it is worn.

C A R V E D  F R E E - H A N D


After the branches are collected from the forest floor, they are cut into discs, sanded until they are smooth, and then allowed to dry for a period of six months. Each nature inspired design is then carefully and delicately carved individually, free-hand, making each one an original piece of art. A water-based satin varnish is then applied.

Each individually hand carved piece makes a truly wonderful eco-friendly gift, and contains a design inspired by Canada's natural West Coast.

"I was very excited to get the rustic wood pendant... and when it arrived, it was so much MORE than what I expected. It's natural and beautiful!! Amazing!! I love it...[SMILE]" - Jennifer, New Brunswick, Canada

"This was exactly what I was looking for for my wife for our 5 year anniversary. I couldn't have asked for something as beautiful and rugged at the same time as this pendant. She loves it! Thank you! We will be checking out your other handcrafted items for sure!" ~ Patrick ~ Belmont, California