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Heartwood Gifts Customers Are the BEST!

Posted by Deneen Holder on 29th Jan 2015

I feel like I just have to post a thank you to our customers because I do believe that we have the best customers in the world. I often tilt my head to the side in wonder that yet another customer has taken the time to write back to us after receiving their product to let us know how much they love it, or to express their appreciation. Because we are an online store, and ship all around the world, we usually donʼt get to see our customers face-to-face (aside from a few wonderful, local people). We donʼt often have the opportunity to chit chat with, and learn the faces of, the people we serve. We do our best to make your experience with our store a positive one, and it really makes our day when we succeed. So, I just want to take this opportunity to let those of you who write back to us know how very much your kind words are appreciated. Curtis and I always share the comments with each other, and often with the kids, too. We endeavor to add your comments to our Happy Customers Page, so if youʼve emailed us or sent us a Facebook message, take a peek. You just might find your name there!